Associated institute and up to five chairs for economics to be established at the University of Zurich with the support of UBS

The University of Zurich (UZH) and UBS have entered into a collaboration. Up to five new chairs will be created at the Department of Economics. The UBS International Center of Economics in Society will tap into top-flight research in a number of new fields of research, and promote a dialog between science, business and society. A Swiss Graduate School of Economics will also be set up to improve the training of the next generation of researchers.

The cooperation between UZH and UBS will contribute to research in the economic sciences aimed at finding solutions to economic issues based on an interdisciplinary approach. This is intended to enable the Department of Economics to compete with the best academic institutions at an international level. "By establishing the UBS International Center of Economics in Society, our aim is to promote Switzerland as a place for business and science in the long term, and to facilitate top-flight international research. We are proud of this unique collaboration with the University of Zurich, which is part of a major educational initiative launched to mark UBS's 150th anniversary," says Kaspar Villiger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBS, explaining the story behind the cooperation.

The collaboration will create up to five permanent chairs in the next few years, and aims to attract top- flight international researchers from cutting-edge fields of research. The aspiration is for this research and teaching to cross the boundaries between individual academic disciplines in order to find solutions for serious problems relating to society and the economy. The chairs are part of the University of Zurich's Department of Economics. They will use an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to address core aspects of economics, the fundamental macroeconomic and financial underpinnings of the economy, legal and institutional issues and the entrepreneurial, organizational and managerial principles of business. "We are pleased that we will be able to substantially broaden the range of economic subjects at the University of Zurich thanks to UBS's support," says Professor Andreas Fischer, president of the University of Zurich.

The chairs will be filled and professors hired in accordance with the rules of the University of Zurich, and the academics themselves will define the research projects. "It is very important to both partners that the independence of research and teaching at the University of Zurich is maintained," says President Fischer.

A boost for business and science

The partnership between UZH and UBS raises Switzerland's profile as a place of business and science. It is hoped that the top-flight research and Swiss Graduate School of Economics will attract the best PhD students in the world, who will then receive grants as well as cutting-edge and practical teaching from top-flight researchers. A Forum for Economic Dialogue will also be set up at the UBS International Center, which will hold public events, workshops and seminars and publish an academic journal.

The UBS International Center of Economics in Society will be set up as an associated institute of the University of Zurich but will be a separate legal entity. A scientific advisory committee consisting of internationally renowned researchers in the field of economics, including several Nobel prize winners, will promote and support the UBS International Center in an advisory role and through direct participation in its key events.

Media conference invitation:

nullnullThe University of Zurich and UBS would like to invite you to a media conference that will present this collaboration. The media conference will be held this Thursday, April 19, 2012, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the University of Zurich. Professor Dr. Andreas Fischer, president of the University of Zurich, Professor Dr. Ernst Fehr of the Department of Economics, Councillor Regine Aeppli, president of the University Board, Kaspar Villiger, Chairman of the Board of Directors, UBS, and Sergio P. Ermotti, Group CEO, UBS will be present. nullnullnullThursday, April 19, 2012null10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.University of Zurich, KOL E 13Rämistrasse 71, 8001 Zurichnullnull