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  • How Do People Die in Switzerland Today?

    The behavior of people in Switzerland facing death varies according to their linguistic region. Researchers from the universities of Zurich and Geneva have now demonstrated how cultural context influences medical practice when it comes to end-of-life decisions.

  • Joint Exhibition with Ugandan Museums

    In a novel project, the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich has shifted the spotlight onto ethnological museum work itself. The exhibition Points of View: Visions of a Museum Partnership showcases the innovative cooperation between two Ugandan museums and the Ethnographic Museum in Zurich, where visitors can now explore three exhibitions in one.

  • UZH Researcher Granted EUR 2.5 Million in Funding

    UZH scientist Raffaella Santoro has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. This will allow her to pursue her molecular biology research project for another five years. Santoro is investigating the organization of genomes in the nucleolus and how this contributes to higher-order gene regulation.

  • When Enemies Come to Help

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Now UZH researchers now show that this principle also holds for crab spiders and flowering plants. While it’s true that the spiders do eat or drive away useful pollinators such as bees, they’re also attracted by floral scent signals to come and help if the plant is attacked by insects intent on eating it.

  • Inner Ear Provides Clues to Human Dispersal

    Slight differences can be found in the inner ear of different populations of modern humans. Paleoanthropologists from UZH have found that these differences can provide information about the global dispersal of humans from Africa.

  • Europe's University Leaders Meet at UZH

    The European University Association's Annual Conference is being hosted by the University of Zurich for the first time. The EUA is the largest and strongest association of European universities, with 850 members. Around 400 presidents, rectors, and other university leaders will come together to spend three days debating the current and future role of universities in society.

  • Therapeutic vaccine platform achieves proof of concepts in veterinary medical use

    Chronical allergic diseases of dogs and horses can now be treated with an innovative vaccine. It was developed by an international research team led by he University of Bern and in cooperation with the University of Zurich, together with private enterprise companies. The findings obtained in horses and dogs could lead to similar therapeutic vaccines for humans.

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